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Schultes medacta GmbH & Co
Lehrmodelle KG
Feldstrasse 21
45699 Herten

Fon +49 (0) 23 66 - 3 60 38
Fax +49 (0) 23 66 - 18 43 58


ln 1866 the truss-maker Hermann  
Schultes has founded a trade for 
medical equipment in Chemnitz
His son Carl Schultes moved the 
business from Chemnitz to Jena. 

Prof. B. S. Schultze, director of 
university women’s hospital at 
Jena, initiated an obstretic phantom 
made of leather. Since 1890 
this phantom is manurfactured by 

In 1952 Gerhard Schultes moved 
to Herten

The department for teaching appliances 
became in 1970 „medacta“ 
which stands for medical and didacta

Wolf Schultes took over business in 
4th generation in 1980. In addition 
to the obstretic phantoms he started 
production of a gynecological 
teaching model made out of latex 
and of models with which female 
circumcision and its implications for 
delivery can be demonstrated. 

With the help of Prof. Brökelmann
at that time working at “University 
womens hospital, Bonn”, our 
model set for gynecological examinations 
has been developed: this is 

Schultes medacta, under this name 
you can find teaching models in 
most countries of the world. The 
increasing interest in our models 
and our handmaking tradition will 
lead us info a safe future.