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Schultes medacta GmbH & Co
Lehrmodelle KG
Feldstrasse 21
45699 Herten

Fon +49 (0) 23 66 - 3 60 38
Fax +49 (0) 23 66 - 18 43 58




To assist in the training of students, assistant doctors, midwives and nurses.


 Base (1000)

Base  (Order-Nr. 1000)
with a pelvis cast from a natural model and including coccyx, promontory, pubic symphysis, ischial spine and tuberosity – the points of reference which must be palpable for practising delivery under true-to-life conditions. The flexible abdominal wall and all anatomical parts of the Schultes medacta model are covered with choice natural leather.
 Pelvic floor birth (1051) Pelvic floor Birth (Order-Nr. 1051)
This advanced soft pelvic floor with the opening, when fetal head passes the vulva, has been new developed for more realistic exercises.

 Palpation set cervical dilatation (1053) Pelvic floor with normal vulva (Order-Nr. 1053-B)


 Pelvic floor episiotomy (1004)

Pelvic floor (Order-Nr. 1004)
Pelvic floor 1004 is specially designed for demonstration of episiotomy.

 Fetal doll (4012)

 Fetal doll (4312)


Fetal-Dolls  (Order-Nr. 4012 & 4312)
All important features such as fontanelles, sagittal suture, eyes, ears, nose, fingers, heels and toes can be clearly palpated. The oral orifice is sufficiently deep (Smellie's method), the whole doll flexible enough to permit demonstration of all positions occuring before and after delivery (incl. breech presentation and shoulder dystocia).
The skull is slightly elastic and, like the body, is covered with choice natural leather thus providing sufficient hold for practising forceps delivery.




The fetal doll VE (order no. 4312) is available for additional exercises (vacuum extraction).Both dolls are supplied with cord and placenta.